Introducing the MA-1, the future of portable mercury analysis.

Track exposure all day, notify workers in real-time, and take action.
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Designed for work safety —

Mercury vapor is a potent neurotoxin that occurs naturally in our environment. Occupational mercury hazards are highly variable and depend on the location and type of work being conducted. Industrial processes can concentrate mercury, posing a heightened risk to workers.

The MA-1 protects workers by identifying mercury levels in the breathing zone and guides decisions without getting in the way. Continuous and live readings allow immediate response to hazards, while the data logging can track workers’ exposure across their entire shift.

The design of the MA-1 is robust and radically more portable than all other mercury monitors. Operating the MA-1 is simple. Once it’s turned-on and clipped-on the MA-1 operates automatically without any input needed.

Proprietary Plasmonic Sensors —

Picoyune’s proprietary plasmonic sensor technology is sensitive and selective. Have confidence in the MA-1, which is not cross-sensitive to hydrocarbons (BTEX, VOC, etc.) which cause significant false readings in the incumbent UV spectroscopic methods. The MA-1 covers the entire range of hazardous mercury levels; it is sensitive to parts per billion concentrations and quantitative above the IDLH limit (10,000 µg/m3).

Applications —

Oil and Gas

Industrial Hygiene

Air Quality


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Product Details —

MA-1 Product Specifications
Applications occupational, environmental, safety
Detection method plasmonic
Calibrated range 0 to 10,000 µg/m3
LOD in ideal conditions 1 µg/m3
LOD in typical conditions 5 µg/m3
Sample frequency 1/30 seconds
Zero correction automatic
Battery life 14 hours
Battery UN38.3
Recalibration method factory
Filter replaceable particulate filter
Selectivity no interference from VOC, humidity (non-condensing), CO2, O2, SO2, NOx
Alarm audible 85dB, visual, haptic
Alarm level high and low alarm, user set
Size 150x65x30 mm
Weight 280 grams
Data storage 6 months of data on device
Data transfer USB transfer to PC
Includes: monitor, particulate filters (4x), base station for charging and data downloading, case, and software to connect the MA-1 to a PC.

1 year limited warranty on the function of the device.


MA-1 Data Sheet
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MA-1 VOC Comparison Results
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